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Annie Smith-Estrada
Founder and Designer

Design has always been what lights me up. Ever since I was a kid, it fascinated me how rearranging a room could completely change how you feel in it. My passion for design grew as I got my B.S. in Architecture from the University of Maryland and continued on to work on large and small scale projects both as a consultant and at a design firm.


I've always focused on the intersection of design and well being and what better space to explore this intersection than at home. From big gestures to small details we can make a home feel more inviting, safe, comforting and personal which in turn can effect our moods and habits. My approach to design is to balance creating spaces that both fit our needs functionally, as well as foster our well being.

I love bringing my passion and experience to clients' projects and I approach projects as a collaboration between myself and my clients to create their personal havens. 

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