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At its best design should be able to make us feel happy, relaxed and proud to be in our space. From concept boards to finishes, furniture and decorations, I can help you design your interior space so it is personalized, cohesive and on budget. 

  • Create mood boards that represent your personal style.

  • Layout space to maximize functionality and comfortability.

  • Help you choose finishes and paint colors.

  • Source furniture and decoration options.


Whether a space is no longer fitting your needs or it needs a major update I can help you plan and detail home renovations. 

  • Space planning that maximizes functionality and fits your personal style.

  • Work out details such as finishes, lighting and flooring. 

  • Work hand in hand with contractors or builders to ensure the vision is executed well.


Meeting in person isn't always feasable, but virtual design programs, screen sharing and video calls make meeting virtually an effective alternative to meeting in person. If you're unsure of the virtual process, feel free to reach out to discuss if it could be a good fit for your project. 

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